Sunday, March 29, 2015

Squeeeeeeking In Under The Wire

I knew this was going to be a busy weekend. Knew it, knew it, knew it, and STILL, I didn't go ahead and write my Ten Things of Thankful list early. Now it is late in the afternoon Sunday. So late, in fact, that it's really not "afternoon" anymore; more like evening. I don't feel very well; haven't, really, in a week and a half. I just woke up from a nap and feel foggy, but by golly, I'm going to get this post written before the deadline.

Gratuitous picture of Ruby, because I saw that Yvonne
posted one of HER calico and I sensed a trend....

1. I haven't thrown up since December 23, 1971. I have wondered a few times over the past week and a half if that record was going to be shattered, but so far, it's held on.

2. With spring comes the risk of severe storms in this part of the world known as Tornado Alley, and we had our first round this week. No tornado warnings this time, and the worst of the weather mostly passed to the south of us. 

3. The American Red Cross tornado app. It is a must-have if you live in an area that is prone to severe weather. The Red Cross also has a wildfire app, a hurricane app and a first aid app, among others. Something for everyone! 

4. Diet Coke, especially first thing in the morning. Cold. In a glass. With ice.

5. I got an awesome deal through Priceline for a hotel room in Arkansas this weekend when we had to travel for a volleyball tournament ($60 instead of $120).

Look at that little girl jump!

6. My own bed.

7. Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works. I got a supply of spring and summer scents last week when they were on sale, and my house smells sunny and fresh. It's a very old house, so that's not always an easy thing to accomplish.

8. Daffodils. 

Zoysia grass, the last to turn green in the spring, first to turn
brown in the fall. REAL grass would have made a better backdrop.

9. My bilateral mastectomy with tram flap reconstruction was three years ago yesterday. So far, so good.

15 hours after my surgery, I finally got to have something besides an ice chip.

10. And this just in: I just found two new cousins by using I discovered I am 10th cousins, twice removed, with Kristi of Thankful Me and 13th cousins with Christine of In The Coop. I hope I'm in their Wills now!

It's still not too late to link up your thankfuls. It may SEEM like it, but it isn't.

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  1. Am I first yay.... hope your feeling better are the best my go to drinks are coffee with almond milk in the morning, decaf tea at but I love a diet dr pepper in the afternoon, but I won't drink it everyday every once in a while...hope you are all safe those apps sound awesome and needed.
    feel better soon.

    1. Frist for Marisa! I'm surprised I have anyone reading at all, as late as I am to the link up!
      I hope I'm feeling better soon, too. I don't like this one bit!
      I drink way too much Diet Coke, but I DON'T drink coffee.

  2. Replies
    1. Guess not, but I'm still cousins! :-) About that will. . .

    2. So close, Kristi, so close! Or should I say COUSIN Kristi? So happy we're related! Thanksgiving at your house this year?

    3. I always host, and you're always welcome. :-)

  3. I adore (and am also astonished) that you're cousins with Kristi and Christine. That's amazing!

    Hope you feel better soon, my Dyannedelion. Feeling sick is no fun at all! I'm glad the diet coke helps.

    YAY to three years ago. Long may the success story last (106, remember? You've got aaaaages to be happy it was successful, and I'm glad).

    YAY for signs of spring, and no tornadoes.

    1. Isn't that way cool that Kristi, Christine and I are cousins?!
      I'm tired of feeling blechy. I don't handle nausea well. Diet Coke always helps :)
      52 more years of this anniversary!
      Yay spring! YAY no tornadoes!

  4. Cousins, huh? I'm gonna use that app to see what comes up. I loved your post this week, Dyanne. That photo of the daffodils really reminds my of finding gratitude in the midst of chaos. Zoysia grass - I've always heard it pronounced zoya grass - why do people plant it? Is it hardy is certain climates and soil conditions? I am sure everyday is a blessing after your surgery. Whoever brought you that big bottle of diet coke knows you well. In fact, I would offer the photo to the Coca-cola company - My Coke. lol Have a good week and hope you are feeling better.

    1. Isn't that cousin thing WILD?! You need to visit family search and see who you're related to! My list is impressive!
      The previous owners of our house laid zoysia sod. I suspect it is cheaper than anything else. I hate it.
      The worst thing about my hospital stay is that the hospital had a contract with Pepsi! I had to have Diet Coke imported.
      And thanks, Val. I hope whatever tummy issue I have goes away and stays away soon.

    2. You need to start your tree on, but then will need to use the relative finder site to see how you are related to others. Feel free to email me if you need help.

  5. I forgot where you lived there for a second. When you said you had to travel to Arkansas for a tournament, I thought, Good heavens! until I remembered that is like us going to Illinois or Ohio. Not convenient, but totally doable, especially when you get a hotel for half price! Go you!

    It was so fun to discover our relatedness. About the will...take it up with my children. :)

    I can't even believe you know the last day you threw up. (I was a month old, btw.) I can't say that I have been so fortunate where vomit is concerned.

    Three years! Looking forward to seeing that photo every year for decades.

    1. I be living in the 4-states area. I can practically throw a rock and hit Kansas. Oklahoma is just a smidge further. Arkansas is less than an hour to the south. The half price hotel deal was sweet! We've had really good luck with Priceline.
      After you divide everything you have among 6 kids, there won't be much left for me....
      I've only thrown up three times in my entire life. OF COURSE I remember the date! And I was 11.
      I'll be pulling that picture out for a project 52 more years, minimum!

  6. I can't believe you haven't thrown up in 40-some years!!! I can't believe you remember the date!!! I hope you kept your record!

    1. I hope I keep it, too, Sarah! It was my third and final time to throw up. How could I NOT remember that date?!

  7. We call those "Turkish cousins", because usually no-one besides Turkish people would invite people that far related to weddings or funerals :-) Nothing, nothing in the world beats one's own bed, especially if you can sleep there without the Tornado warning sirens going off. We've been in Manhattan, KS in 2008 when the tornado came through town, and I was never before so scared for our lives than in that moment when I saw that huge tornado coming at us from the porch.

    Yay for keeping your no-puke history up. My one-year anniversary is coming up on August 11 :-)

    Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the flowers, Dyanne!! Mr. Calvin will be heading to the paediatrician for his shots later this week, which means he's finally healthy enough to get the shots!! I'll post a "Mami's mean, Auntie Dy" picture, if I remember to take one :-)

    1. Turkish cousins! I love that!
      Our mattress is old and we could sure use a new one, but it feels SO GOOD after sleeping somewhere else. With the exception of the mattress at my Person's house. That thing is amazing, and I threaten to strap it to the roof of my car and take it home with me every time I go there.
      Tornadoes are horrid. The only good thing about them, as opposed to earthquakes, the other natural disaster I have had intimate experience with, is you have a little warning before they hit. It's so scary to see one coming down from a cloud, isn't it? Did you have a basement in Manhattan? Some areas that are very tornado-prone don't have them because of ground conditions, Tulsa being one of those places. That's why I can't live in Tulsa!
      Only one year! Bless your heart!
      Ohh, I hope you take a picture of my sweet boy! Shots are no fun, but if I were there, I would give him something inappropriate to make him feel better, like candy :)

  8. Dyanne?!? with a 'D'??? oh my god! I'm your long lost....

    ha ha*

    (*actually that joke cracked me up... inside my head, at any rate)

  9. Well that makes Doug your long lost second uncle's , sister's , brother in law right!? Or ruby's at the very least!