Sunday, August 31, 2014

Twice the Thankful in One Weekend

Yes, I'm doing a second Ten Things of Thankful this weekend! Mark it on your calendar; it's only happened once before (but I can't let Zoe be the only one to do it every week). 

1. Even though school hasn't started yet, fall sports have! Volleyball started this week. Our first game was supposed to be a home game in the new high school, but since construction wasn't completed, we had to play at one of the middle schools. This was rather disappointing for the girls, but there was a big turnout nonetheless. Freshmen, JV and Varsity teams all lost to Carl Junction, a formidable opponent, but the JV team lost the least, if that makes any sense at all (it does to me).

2. Open House was scheduled for Thursday evening, but we had an away volleyball game that night. Since the girls wouldn't be able to attend, arrangements were made for the girls to get a tour of the new school on Wednesday afternoon, given by one of the coaches and one of the principals (who also happens to be the dad of two of the players - helps to know people).

This place is AMAZING. New practice
field being completed behind the girls.

This is why we didn't get to have our
first home game at home.

3. Preschool Open House was also this week. I got to meet my primary class kids on Tuesday morning, and my pre-k class kids on Wednesday morning. We're going to have a fun year!

4. You know that phrase "Politics makes strange bedfellows"? Having puppies in the house has done just that for Pete and Fletcher. Not usually so chummy, I caught them spooning in my (unmade) bed.

5. Thursday night, the volleyball team traveled to Neosho with wins for both JV (it was a whoopin') and Varsity.

6. Not only are there two referees in volleyball (one up on a ladder, one on the floor), but there are two line judges, who stand at opposite corners of the court and, well, watch the lines. Usually, they are parent volunteers (I HATE doing it, as I have a tendency to let my mind wander and miss calls. In? Out? Ummmmm.... Plus, people yell at you if they don't think you made the right call. I'm entirely too thin-skinned for that). The line judges hold a red flag (up for out, down for in), and I got completely distracted by one of the judges at Thursday's game, thanks to the way he held his flag while waiting to make a call. I'm thankful I can crack myself up so easily.

I guess they were out of red flags and had
to give him a big pair of red underpants instead.

7. We picked up the College Boy at school on Friday afternoon and took him with us to the lake for the weekend. We hadn't seen him for two and a half weeks, and that is just too long.

8. When we arrived at the lake house, there had been some rain in the area. When the sun broke through, there was a magnificent rainbow. My phone camera could not do it justice. We could see the entire thing, from one end to the other. What a beautiful piece of God's work!

9. How awesome is it that we can keep in touch with old friends via the internet? I enjoyed talking to a couple of very old, very dear friends this weekend, and it was just what I needed.

10. I've thought about my foster puppies all weekend, but I haven't cried. I think that's moving forward.

It's not too late to join our hop! Seriously, I managed to write TWO thankful posts this week; surely, you can write ONE?!

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  1. Two posts. Awesomeness.

  2. TWO in a weekend? Wow.
    And I know better than to think I might be FRIST...because comment moderation...

  3. Pete and Fletcher are too funny spooning like that. Of all the ways the Rotten Cats have been found sleeping together, that is not one of them. It's kinda gross, though.
    The referee with the "speedo" is hysterical. See, that's the kind of thing I notice in the world and then I crack up and people don't understand why. I'm glad to know you're out there doing the same thing.

    1. My husband says the cats are prison gay.
      I'm so glad to find someone else who finds things like this hysterical! I see things like this immediately, then have to point it out to others. Thank goodness for phones with cameras, because I can go on laughing about this forever!

  4. yow… twice in a weekend, that is cool. ( I remember doing two posts in a weekend, but I was a young blogger then, now I am grateful for the one).
    must be tres cool, the new school and all… does it smell new? (there is something about the smell of new, be it cars or houses, I have not ever been in a newly constructed school, though).

    1. It smells even better than a new Barbie doll! Fresh paint, new carpet, cut wood. Ahhh! Carcinogens abound, but what a way to go!

  5. Beautiful rainbow, YAY volleyball and I'm very pleased that the cats are getting along well, you're getting ALONG without the puppies, and something else I forgot now. Ackkk! I'm tired. And thankful for YOU :)

  6. I noticed no ruby in the silverware configuration! After the next puppies perhaps!