Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I stole this from her
Twitter account - shhhh!
This past Saturday night was Snowball, the winter formal dance at our high school. It is a girl ask boy dance, and my daughter opted out of going because (a) she doesn't have a boyfriend (and that's fine with me); (b) most of the kids who go to this dance are couples rather than just friends; and (c) she didn't want to ask someone to be her date "just so he could try to grind against me all night." I cannot complain about her decision process on that one. 

Since she didn't go to the dance, thereby (according to her) saving us money on a dress, shoes, etc., she thought we should go out to eat dinner. She had spent the day in a semi-vegetative state, lying on the couch watching Netflix, in the same clothes she slept in the night before, so our restaurant choice could not include one in which she might run into classmates who were eating out before going to the dance. We decided to go to a very casual little Mexican restaurant in an adjacent town. 

I, too, had spent much of the day in a semi-vegetative state, sitting in my big comfy chair with a kitten in my lap, in the same clothes I had slept in the night before. (Unlike my daughter) I took a quick shower before we went out and put on sweat pants and a gray Joplin Eagles hoodie (very, VERY casual restaurant). I walked into the kitchen, where my daughter, the college boy, and my husband were waiting, and looked at my daughter. 

She was wearing a gray Joplin Eagles hoodie.

"MooooOOOOOOM! Go change!" said she to me. 

"YOU go change," I replied. "I've had mine on longer."

"Do you ever LOOK at me? I wore this to bed last night and I'm STILL wearing it. I've had MINE on longer."

"All the more reason you should change," I told her. But, good sport that I am, I went ahead and went up to my room, changing into a maroon Missouri State Alumni sweatshirt.

I walked back down the stairs, where my husband and the college boy were waiting by the front door, ready to walk out the door. My daughter joined us.

Wearing a maroon Missouri State sweatshirt.

"YOU change!" we both said at the same time.


And so we went out to eat for what was the first (and hopefully last) time we ever wore matchy matchy mother/daughter outfits.

Unless anyone thinks I can get her to wear this little ensemble....


  1. Ohhhhhhh dear a lot! If it helps, it would've been FAR more embarrassing for her ;)

  2. That is amazing. Funny and awesome and kind of touching? Love it!

    1. Thanks, Kate! Amazingly enough, my daughter read it and liked it, too.

  3. At least you know she has good taste.

  4. So cute and something I could see me and my daughters doing!

    1. My mother and I did it one time when I was in high school. We were going to the mall and both had on the same top (she had made them, it was the 70s and don't judge). I took one look at her and said, "I'll change."

  5. At the moment, Zilla loves it when we both end up wearing something that matches - not entire outfits mind you, because THAT would look ridiculous on me. But if she wears a pink shirt and I have a pink shirt, she's very excited. I suspect this will change...sigh...but I'll enjoy it for now because apparently she thinks I'm cool. I'm not telling her otherwise just yet.

    I think this is an awesome post and it reminds me of me and Zilla - we can easily have a day like together.

    About your whole first paragraph - kudos to you and your lovely smart daughter! I teach high school. Yeah, it's not pretty. I've been to their dances. I've seen the dancing/grinding/whatever they call it now. I don't chaperone them anymore because 1) I'd rather be home on the couch with my own little person and 2) it makes my eyeballs bleed. I wish more young ladies in that age group would be confident enough to go their own way and never mind the boys until much later. Well done!