Monday, May 27, 2013

Points To Ponder

Some things I've been pondering....

I think the Zoladex injection I received last month was a dud. Because I didn't have any hot flashes the entire month. And I thought, "Sweeeeeet! They're OVER." But when I got my new injection? Yeah, hot flash after hot flash after hot flash. Damn.

Without a doubt, Mother Nature hates Joplin, Missouri. In the past month, we had tornado warnings, a freeze warning, 87 degree weather and 33 degree weather WITH SNOW. IN MAY.

Ice cream trucks should not be allowed to stop in the middle of a street with their little warning arm extended so it's difficult, if not impossible, to pass them. YOU ARE NOT A SCHOOL BUS, MR. PEDOPHILE ICE CREAM TRUCK DRIVER.

All right, fellas, unless your abs are ripped, do NOT stretch your arms over your head until your shirt lifts up. No one wants to see your beer belly.

I am always immediately and profoundly sorry when I trim my own bangs.

Why be a storm chaser? If you sit still long enough, the storm will come to you.

I am no prude, but the Herbal Essence shampoo commercials offend me so much that I wouldn't use their product if it were the last shampoo on earth.

The half price shakes after 8 p.m. promotion at Sonic is both fantastic and horrible, but if they could figure out how to make them half the calories, then it would be just fantastic.

I really dislike reality tv.

I actually enjoy hearing my daughter teaching herself to play the ukulele. Who knew?

My parents have become completely unteachable in matters of electronics, specifically, cell phones.

Malt-O-Meal's version of Cap'n Crunch (I looked it up, it's "Cap'n") is better than the real thing.

I'd feel better if I went to the bathroom, but I'm too lazy to get up. I'm sure that speaks volumes about me.

Or in this case, sitting in a chair....

Have to go rest my brain now.


  1. You really should stop abusing your brain like that.
    Steak'n'Shake has half-price shakes during "happy hour" from 2-4 each weekday afternoon. That, my friend, is dangerous to my waistline. I'm rarely out at 8:00, but always out at 2:00. (After that horrible spelling/dotted word, it is clear that I need to go to bed.)

    1. We BOTH need to go to bed (I need to pee first, though) because I had to read your dotted word three times before I could figure out what it was. (Now that I've figured it out, it's completely obvious, and I don't even want to TELL you what I thought it was at first read.)

  2. Whenever I wake up during the night (at least 2x each night) I immediately get up to pee. If I don't, I lay there in bed pondering whether or not I really need to go. It is a lot easier to fall back asleep if I just roll out of bed and go.

    The same could be said for sitting in a chair. The longer you sit and think about it, the worse it feels. Just sayin'

    1. In general, I waste a lot of my life avoiding things. Getting up in the night to pee is just one of them.