Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Deep Thoughts: Road Trip Edition

Taking a little road trip to visit my person in Nashville, and the 8 hour drive gave me plenty of time for some Deep Thoughts.

No matter how well-intentioned I am, I can never seem to leave the house when I THINK I'm going to be able to leave the house, which then forces me to make up time later.

It's not a good sign when the cars you meet on the highway are snow-covered.

It's also not a good sign to meet snow plows on the road.

Most drivers are stupid. Except me.

Eating Taco Bell while driving really isn't a very good idea under the best of conditions.

It is fortunate that I have a cast iron stomach when I choose to eat Taco Bell at all, let alone when I am on a road trip.

The fact that Taco Bell only carries Pepsi products is usually a deal breaker.

The people of south central Missouri live a very sad life, if this is all they get for radio stations.  

Re-mixes are not appropriate for every song. 

Sometimes, Siri is my bitch. Other times, Siri IS a bitch and withholds information.

But she's always very, very polite.

After it was too late, I wished I had sucked it up and gotten a Diet Pepsi, because Taco Bell makes me THIRSTY.

You would think hot flashes would be welcome in really cold weather. But still, no.

I hear banjos.

The perfect trifecta for nearly messing my pants: Take a wrong exit that sends you past a correctional facility (that's PRISON WITH RAZOR WIRE AND GUARD TOWERS) just as the tornado sirens are being tested.

Caught between a rock and a hard place: Exxon on one corner, BP on the other. Do I get back on the freeway and hope that I don't run out of gas before the next exit or compromise my principles and try not think about oil-covered birdies as I fill my tank?

So happy to see a Shell station, even though the bathroom was so cold I might as well have been peeing outside and they didn't have Diet Coke at the fountain. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

Middle of nowhere Kentucky looks just like middle of nowhere Missouri.

If I were a throwing up kind of person (and I'm not - read about it here), crossing this bridge would certainly make me do so.

Crossing the Ohio River. Even scarier bridge
crosses the Mississippi, but I was too scared
to get a good picture.

And now, a big, big thank you to Renee at Renee A. Shuls-Jacobson's Blog for choosing my little story about another road trip I once took (with a dead body) as her winner for Tingo Tuesday. If you go visit her blog and view the post found here, you will read the nice things she said about me and see my blog in her sidebar as her Featured Blogger of the Month. She includes a link to my story as well. Check it out!


  1. Driving next to a prison while they test the tornado sirens might have made me pee myself.

  2. Oh my word, you are so stinkin' funny. The I hear banjos just casually thrown in there about did me in. The prison, the gas stations...all of it, really. Cracked me up. Glad you made it safely.

  3. You are so kind! Go to Renee's blog and read about the trip with the dead body.

  4. Awesome post! And I hate bridges, too. And I'll be stalking you and tweeting you all month!

  5. You are very funny! I love/hated those bridges.. I remember crossing them by myself, with baby Maddie in the back and our little dog Max next to me. I literally thought out an escape plan prior to getting to the bridges part of the trip just in case we went down. I was sure we would all survive.

    1. I straddle the center line all the way across and whimper.

  6. Again another one I love! I skip out on Taco Bell because they only have Pepsi products. Yuck. I am from Missouri and unless you are near a big city the radio stations are pathetic. The bladed prisons are pretty sketchy- I would avoid rest rooms in the vicinity at all costs!