Friday, February 8, 2013

I Got A Liebster Award And Now I Feel Like I'm All That!

My darling new friend at A Fly On Our (Chicken Coop) Wall (check out her blog - she's smart and funny) has bestowed an honor on me. She has nominated me for the Liebster award, and I will forgive her for turning my mindless ramblings into a homework assignment. 

First, I am supposed to tell you eleven random facts about me.

1. I love to drive. I'd drive anywhere, in anything, at any time. Especially if I can be alone.

2. I weighed 10 pounds when I was born, had club feet and was jaundiced. There are no pictures documenting any of this (thank GOD).

3. I  met my husband on the telephone, through work.

4. I was a master tree climber when I was a kid.

5. I can pick objects up with my toes. Which probably helped me be a master tree climber.

6. Really strong peppermint flavoring makes me sneeze.

7. I always shave my left leg first.

8. I sometimes (okay, often) count on my fingers.

9. The flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz still scare me so much that I have to cover my eyes and watch them through my fingers.

10. I'm really not superstitious, but I figure crossing my fingers never hurts.

11. I look like Gomer Pyle when I wear a baseball cap. As a result, you'll probably never see me in a baseball cap.

And now I have to answer eleven questions (here comes the homework).

1. What inspired you to begin blogging? Less than a year ago, I hardly knew what a blog was. The only one I read belonged to my friend Dawn. Then on March 2, 2012, I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. My head was so full of information and emotions that I felt if I didn't record all of them, I would explode. Plus, I didn't want to forget any of it. I thought about just creating a journal, then decided what the hell, I'd make it a blog. I did minimal research and, flying by the seat of my pants (which is not unusual for me), I launched "Backsies Is What There Is Not."  My hope with it has always been that someone, somewhere, going through a breast cancer diagnosis will find it and be helped by it.

2. If you had to watch the same movie over and over for a day, which would it be? Hmmm, probably "Young Frankenstein." I can quote most of it already.

3. Do you prefer living in the city, the country, or somewhere in between? I've never lived in the country. I think I would be scared. I lived in a loft apartment on Music Row in Nashville and loved it, but I think, bottom line, I am more of an in-between person. Suburbia. Suburgatory. Whatever. 

4. If you could choose any profession, meaning you would have the skillset required and money was not a deciding factor, what would you do?  I've always wanted to be a nurse, although my family might tell you that I am not a very good one when they are sick. 

5. How is your driving? Are you aggressive behind the wheel or are you patient and generous? Have you gotten any speeding tickets? I am an excellent driver, because I had an excellent driver's ed behind-the-wheel instructor (shout out to Mike Noland, wherever you are). I'm not aggressive, but I'm not patient, either. I used to drive too fast, but once I had kids, that was over. Never got a speeding ticket, although I was pulled over once when I was in college. I attribute the sundress I was wearing for getting me out of a ticket.

6. What life lesson do you find yourself having to learn over and over again? Don't take everything personally.

7. Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? No brainer. But it has to be DIET Coke. Give me regular Coke or any Pepsi product, and I would rather go thirsty.

8. Do you have a favorite Bible verse? If so, what is it? "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13  As a mom and preschool teacher, I also like, "Do everything without complaining or arguing."  Philippians 2:14.

9. Which do you prefer - physical books or e-books? I've never read an e-book, but as someone who likes to read in bed and who usually reads until she falls asleep and drops the book on her chest, an e-book just doesn't seem like a good idea. 

10. What one thing do you absolutely not leave home without? Besides the obvious keys/purse/cell phone? Underpants. I always wear underpants. CUTE ones, but I always have them on. Well, unless I'm in a swim suit.

11. What one thing scares you the most? Besides the flying monkeys? That something will happen to one of my children. Don't ask me what, because I don't want to go there.

The next part of this award is to pass it on to some other new bloggers. I have recently made some new blogging friends, but as they have all been doing it longer than I have, or better than I have, or both, they most likely have already received the Liebster Award. I will reserve my right to bestow the award on someone else at a later date. In the meantime, if you're looking for some great reads, check out my reading list under "My Blog List."  And if you don't look at anything else, please check out:

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 A Fly On Our (Chicken Coop) Wall 

They have been exceptionally kind to this fledgling blogger, besides being excellent writers of some of my favorite blogs.

Peace out.


  1. Oh! TWO shout-outs? I'm soooo not worthy!! Thank you, thank you for the love!
    And, damn, those monkeys are freaky. Wanna take the girls to see "Oz the Great and Powerful" when it comes out? I'll endure ANYTHING to watch James Franco....

  2. Don't feel so bad. I look like Boy George if I wear a hat.