Monday, December 3, 2012

BRA Day (And It's Not What You Think)

There's a Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day and I MISSED IT?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?

A recent article in the Kansas City Star about breast reconstruction stated the American Society of Plastic Surgeons launched the first BRA Day (cute, I know) on October 17 of this year. The purpose of the campaign was to promote awareness and patient access to breast reconstruction. May I say, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, LOUSY JOB WITH THE PUBLICITY! If the Joplin Globe hadn't picked up a truncated version of this article (probably as filler) I wouldn't have known about it still.

The article went on to talk about a woman who visits cancer patients at KU Med Center who are facing mastectomy and breast reconstruction and talks to them about her reconstruction procedure, allowing them to take a look at her own reconstructed breasts. And the article also talked about a "show and tell" in New Orleans, with reconstruction patients revealing their new breasts to other cancer patients.

Apparently, it is NOT usual for women who have had breast reconstruction to show their new breasts to others.


My breast reconstruction is a miracle of modern medicine (thank you, Dr. Geter!), and I will gladly, GLADLY, show anyone who wants to see them. Hell, I'll even let you feel them if you want. (Hey, they're mostly numb. I can close my eyes and usually never even know that you've touched them.) 

While it's an individual choice for each breast cancer patient, all it takes is one look at a photo depicting mastectomy without benefit of reconstruction to make you understand just how important of a step this can be for a woman's recovery. Thanks to my awesome reconstruction, I can almost forget that I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I won't let it get past me NEXT year... 


  1. Hi. My mom had both breasts removed and had reconstruction done. I'm not sure about how that article said they did it but my mom had the fat from her belly pushed up to give her C cups. She has been estatic ever since (she was an A cup when she found out she had cancer). She is healthy and happy so therefore I am too. I knew about this but so happy to have someone get it out there more!

    1. Hi, Julie! Thanks for reading and commenting! Your mom probably had the same thing I had, which is a tram flap. The woman in the article had a DIEP flap, which is a newer, but less widely used, version of the tram. It's quite a win-win when you get a tummy tuck AND new boobies at the same time. Glad your mom is healthy. Tell her next year, she MUST celebrate National BRA Day and show them off!